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south by southwest looks like a thoroughly unstimulating event, at least judging by the reactions i’ve witnessed over the last three years. maybe i am just not seeing the sides of it that are cracked up and broken, thoroughly unrehearsed and unprompted. all i am seeing is people, excited by various reasons to be there, but not once have i seen ecstaticism. i have been to similar events, and there was always at least a small part of the crowd that you could really tell were having the best time, using the full extent of their ability to be happy and excited and alive. it’s hard to judge a crowd so large through photos - but i would think these kinds of people would draw the camera lens faster than the happy but only half there people i’ve seen so far.
maybe not many people can get truly excited and stimulated by things anymore, and i am asking something from others that is too much to be far. if i am, i’m sorry. i’m the kind of person who can take a cup of tea or a scraped knee or a 3 am trip to the abandoned water station and turn it into a religious experience. i like living fully engaged, regardless of consequence or damages to my ego or social standing.
i also believe in going into tangents and forgetting to get back to the original topic - otherwise I’d just be repeating myself all day and ignoring all my new ideas.

(i apologize in advance if i sound like i’m criticizing, or demanding things from people. i just hope people are having fun and not letting things get in their way. i think that’s what i meant to say, even from the very start.)

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